Sunday, April 13, 2014

"What You Become" Departures and Arrivals, April 9, 2014

Departures April 9, 2014
About three years ago, Elder Bednar visited the Columbus Ohio Mission.  In my notes I have written these words of his:  "Preach My Gospel is not just what you do, but what you become."  
Our five departing missionaries have exemplified Preach My Gospel missionaries.  They have become genuine representatives of Jesus Christ.  They have studied and learned, taught and encouraged, understood and led and blessed many here in the Cauayan Mission.  It's so hard to see them go--but we're so glad they came!

Sister Flory getting instructions from Elder Campbell (that's his hand!) on luggage weights.

Elder Sarcauga and Elder Daluz sounding really fine! 

Our schedule for the day is fairly routine:  Weighing luggage, last interview with President Rahlf, a quick lunch, a group meeting with counsel for the future from President and Sister Rahlf, a departure fireside and opportunity to bear humble, but powerful testimonies.  And then it's dinner in the mission home and the Ceremony of the Scissors.  Or the Clipping of Ties and Handkerchiefs.  We haven't figured out an official name yet.  As long as we get the material, we're good!


Elder Sarcauga

Sister Flory

Elder McLaughlin

Elder Mousley

And After!
Elder Sarcauga, Elder Daluz, Sister Flory, Elder Mousley 

We also prepare a Departure Book for each missionary.  It has the history of their companions and areas, a mission map, the mission song, and some special letters.  

The next morning, we load the truck and pose for a couple of last pictures.  It's hard to believe they are going out the gates of the mission complex for the last time.

The trip to the airport goes by way too fast and so does check-in. 


Elder Bednar also said, "Forget yourself.  Serve with all your heart, might, mind and strength."
And they did.

Elder McLaughlin, Elder Daluz, Sister Flory, Elder Sarcauga, and Elder Mousley

Thank you families and friends for sharing these truly dedicated missionaries.
We are so grateful for them and the goodness they left in the Philippines Cauayan Mission.

Arrivals, April 9, 2014  10:30 AM
And about two hours later, the plane finally touches down and we get to meet our newest Elders and Sisters--the next group of "becoming" Preach My Gospel missionaries.
A warm welcome for Sister Koncurat
 Elder Lee
 Elder Baclea-an
Elder Monilla
Elder Tadena
Sister Mu'amoholeva
and Sister Elivera

 We pack the truck and drive back to the mission home and office for another happy greeting from our senior couples. Then we take a group picture and individual pictures, and go inside for food!  After lunch, it's orientation:  general mission guidelines from Assistants Elder Pareja and Woodruff; a tour of the commissary and postal/pouch system with Elder and Sister Campbell; Housing and CLS (companion language study) with Elder and Sister Shorter; the all-important debit card and financial information with Elder Honeycutt; emails and office needs with Sister Honeycutt; staying healthy with Sister Rahlf; and a personal interview with President Rahlf.
Elder Lee, Elder Pareja (standing), Elder Tadena, Elder Monilla, Elder Baclea-an's legs, and Elder Woodruff

After the orientation, we go over to the chapel, where the new trainers and companions are anxiously waiting.  Within an hour, the companions have met and are now busy gathering luggage, pillows, commissary items etc. before traveling to their areas.  Finally, after months of waiting and preparation, they are really, truly in the field!

Sister Koncurat with her companion, Sister Lamac, already teaching at the end of the day.

Bringing the world His truth--
Back:  Elder Baclea-an, Elder Monilla, Elder Lee, President and Sister Rahlf
Sister Koncurat, Sister Mu'amoholeva, Sister Elivera and Elder Tadena

                 "And thus we see the great call of diligence of men (and women) to labor
                                                   in the vineyards of the Lord…"
                                                                                                                                      Alma 28:14

Monday, April 7, 2014

We are Women of God Sisters Specialized Training March 28, 2014 (Burgos, Ilagan, Santiago South, Solano , Tugeugarao North and South Zones)

On Friday, March 28th, we held another day of specialized training.  As before, we spent the time and instruction focused on the theme "We are not women of the world.  We are women of God."

There are 16 nations represented in our mission.  Yet, among such diversity, we strive for
strength and unity.

Gathering before the meeting:
amazing Sisters of the Cauayan Mission

Our tables for lunch:

Sister Honeycutt came
up with the great 
table decorations

After lunch, we joined in 
a "strength in unity" activity

A closing session and testimonies encircled our day.  The Sisters returned to their areas having put "oil in their lamps" and strengthened as Women of God.

Sisters of the Philippines Cauayan Mission
Burgos, Ilagan, Santiago South, Solano, Tuguegarao North and South Zones
28 March 2014

We also tweaked a favorite scripture for our mission:

"And the Lord called his Sisters Cauayan, 
because they were of one heart and one mind,
and dwelt in righteousness; and there was no poor among them."

President Rahlf and I feel so blessed to serve with these Women of God.